run away | run away (responsible remix)

Run Away (original)

Run Away
by Epidemic
August 2002 at Evoke 2002
For PC Windows, PC Linux

francis / smousse (code)
gruiiik / smousse (code)
sanx / fxteam (visual)
franzus (music)

Download final (version 1.1) : Run Away on
Run Away on
Xnfo : runaway.xnfo
Bonus : Evoke promo poster

Run Away Story

I like demo stories so let's give you a nice one. The design is inspired from Rez, the great dreamcast video game.
This demo was originaly an FX Team production called "Futura", using our own tools. But I had less and less free time to code, Francis needed a demo project and design to use Smode, so we decided to use it to create the demo. Gruiiik really motivated, joined the project. I had a music from Franzus that would be great to use, it was called "Run Away", we asked him to adapt it to a demo, and then we started the demo.


The scenario set the basics of the demo, even if it changed a lot. It was etablished from the music by francis, gruiiik, and I.

intro 5432
A simple animation sync with the music.
Conceptualy it's the code to enter the world.

A flying camera envolving in an infinite space, with some aquatic animals, in fact they are jellyfishes.
Conceptualy oceans is the begin of the world.

smousse instant
The scene is some of center of energy, with trees and energy lines
Conceptualy reprensent the center of energy, attacked by the dark energy (the black lines). From that moment, we are tring to run away.

�crous (nuts)
Flows of energy inside metalic transmiter
Conceptualy the energy is protecting itself. We are tring to find a place to go.

anneaux (rings)
Energy consumer at work
We are still tring to find a place to go.

poissons (fishes)
Another energy consumer at work
But it's too late, energy rays are already taken over. So we go back.

Following the energy made us come to the city collapsing
Conceptualy we arrive the surface of the planet.

air tunnel
Finaly we arrived to the center of the air buildings
Conceptualy the energy is living the planet. We are almost saved

The energy is in the space, and leaving too far, but where ?

the end
The end
Conceptualy the end.


Smode (Smousse Midi Oriented Demo Engine) is a software created by Francis, Run Away is one of the demos made with it (there is also coincoin). Smode is a demo tool in which you plug effects libraries written in C++, usually programmed using OpenGL.
In the version of Smode used for Run Away, there is about 100 effects with about 30 "made for the demo" effects. Most of the effects were written by Francis and Gruiiik.

smode : effect list

smode : a scene

smode : a sync

In my methodology (surely the best ever :), Smode has to be used in 3 steps :
  1. Create your scene in the tool. For that, you "stack" all the effects you need, to get the expected result. In Run Away a scene is about 25 effects.
  2. Setup your controllers, for your syncro ideas.
  3. Take you favorite Midi Sequencer, and start setting the effect life time on the "stack", plus the controllers variations.

Bad points

As in every post-mortem, there are good and bad points. The bad points are :
  • Mostly impossible to use smode to do a fly-by demo, very hard to handle a full scene.
  • Spline based cameras are hard to use.
  • Engine design (due to the use of midi) does that most effects are incremental, hard to syncronize.
  • Really need to code to unleash the power of the tool.
  • Meta-effects are really hacks, so sad...
  • Midi support the way it is, is not that good for sync.
  • Non determinitic effects, even if i asked for it.
  • A little crashing :)

Good points

  • Not that much crashing : I have been able to work on a full scene without any re-launch.
  • I had any procedural camera I asked for :)
  • Very good for research of effect configurations. You can link almost every effect with each other, so you manage to get really unusual configuration that makes "original" rendering configuration, most of them where the basis of Run Away.
  • Excelent original tool, giving good ideas for our next generation of tools.

Run Away (Responsible Remix)

Run Away (Responsible Remix)
by Epidemic
December 2002 at State of the Art 2002
For PC Windows

francis / smousse (code)
gruiiik / smousse (code)
sanx / fxteam (visual)
jaia / fxteam (music)

Download final (version 1.1) : Run Away (Responsible Remix) on
Run Away (Responsible Remix) on
Xnfo : ra-rmx.xnfo

Run Away (Responsible Remix) Story

I like demo stories so I continue with this one :) The original demo was released at evoke. I always liked to make remixes of demos, it's always easier when you did the orginal demo.
Francis was ok to improve smode, and make it more usable for a live use. He did a great job, Smode now supports live sync very well. Jaia gave us a track he did, and Gruiiik was also there to give a hand on smode.
Don't expect more (non-live) demos from the Run Away basis.


It could have been considered as a sequel, but there is too much reuse of original scenes. It happens after the end of the orginal demo, the energy has run away and now is ready to comeback.

Epidemic logo exploding.
In fact it is the end if the orginal demo.

light grid
The energy forms a 3d grid.
It is in space and preparing.

light helix
The energy is strong enough to make his comeback. Uses the random end messages of the original.

light wave
The energy is stong with you :)
Living space to the planet.

Energy consumer creating a tunnel.

Remix of the last scene: the energy is too strong and explodes all the structure, but creates a new one.

Bad energy was there but gets purified.
Fights with the ball, that tries to protect dark energy.

sablier (sand glass)
A scene representing time restarting to fall.
Inspired of a noon/fxteam design.

An energy consumer reactivated.

The energy source is restored.
The last dark energy pieces have been destroyed.


The last screen of the demo.

Smode (1.2)

Smode (Smousse Midi Oriented Demo Engine) was improved, now it's even more live use oriented. Francis, changed the general GUI to MDI. He improved the system, a lot, on my advices. He introduced new elements :
  • State : A configuration of effects (add to playlist, or remove, ignore, no draw, etc).
  • Variation : A set of effect controlers, that can change (linearly).
  • Control : A controler sets a value to a varation, depending of time.
  • Scripts : A set of commands that manipulates scenes (ex channels), states, controls.

smode : new concepts

Bad points

A new post-mortem, for sanity.
  • Still no mean to create fly-by sequences.
  • Little vicious bugs, that trash the effect playlist.
  • No easy to use timeline, with the scripts.
  • No stack for script calls.
  • Removed the ability to make advanced transitions using multiple scenes at the same time.

Good points

  • Syncro is really much easier, all can be done with a simple keyboard.
  • The new variation system makes animation easier.
  • All can be done with smode alone.